Non Medical Staffing

About CareOne

As organizations vie for the best talent in their respective industries, one truth remains clear: a company’s success is the result of its people—not simply the output of their skill sets, but the performance and reliability of their character.

CareOne Staffing understands the growing tension for organizations looking to equip their roster with industry-leading talent—and understands the difficulty modern job seekers face when searching for an empowering role that meets their career expectations.

CareOne Staffing brings great organizations and great people together. Through personalized temporary, direct hire, and temp-to-hire opportunities in countless industries, CareOne Staffing ensures organizations receive the impact they need, when they need it, while also giving job seekers the chance to maximize their talent and invest in their future.

For Employers

CareOne Staffing connects your business to the talent capable of putting your mission into practice. CareOne Staffing partners with your organization to embrace your goals, your culture, and your most pressing needs—and then matches your organization with engaged, inspired employees who spark the growth and success of your business.

Whether the need is for temporary assistance or for a potential full-time addition, CareOne Staffing offers flexible workforce solutions to meet your market demands. No matter the industry or profession in question, CareOne Staffing can provide the answer.

For Job Seekers

While finding great talent matches for organizations is a leading priority for CareOne Staffing, of equal importance is the need to find great workplace opportunities for individual job seekers.

CareOne Staffing collaborates with prospective employees to identify key skills, workplace experience, specialized areas of interest and growth, and long-term career goals. As a result, employment matches through CareOne Staffing are made to further an individual’s personalized career path, as well as to meet the needs of each employer.

Through the recruitment and placement process, the focus is always locked on the individual. CareOne Staffing provides the support and guidance to help job seekers achieve their potential.

Our goal is not just to find your next opportunity—it’s to find your best opportunity.

Join us and get jobs today!