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CareOne Medical Staffing

CareOne Medical Staffing offers Experienced, Highly Qualified RN, LPN, CNA and Medication Aides to short staffed Assisted Living and Long-Term Care facilities. CareOne Medical Staffing employees ensures reliable compassionate and effective care that exceed facility and patient expectations.

The ever-changing healthcare industry faces a near-constant shortage of qualified professionals. Healthcare organizations of all sizes contend with the struggle of operating below optimal staffing levels, a struggle that creates deficiencies in corporate stability and medical effectiveness.

CareOne Medical Staffing endeavors to meet these demands--not only the demand for exceptional medical professionals, but the demand for excellence in customer care. By recruiting extraordinary team members and deploying them in both permanent and per diem capacities, CareOne Medical Staffing offers phenomenal solutions for your organization’s short-term and long-term needs.

CareOne's Team

CareOne Medical Staffing boasts a diverse roster of medical professionals capable of providing specialized care in both acute and post-acute settings, no matter the organization’s size.

Services offered directly by CAREONE GROUP employees or through a subcontractor.

CareOne team members include, but are not limited to...

Not limited to
Registered Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Medication Aides
Certified Nursing Aides
General Caregivers

While all CareOne medical professionals are provided unique ongoing education to fit within the culture of our partner organizations, we champion the practice of matching the right employee to the right individual client. Team members are matched to assignments based on their individual licensure, skill level, history of expertise, cultural and personal fit, and the client’s specific needs. Additionally, team members are always recruited from local markets, further ensuring the team member’s success and greater operational stability within your organization.

Our mission is to help you carry out yours. CareOne Medical Staffing can bridge the gap between personnel shortage and professional excellence. Contact us to learn more about how CareOne can serve your organization.

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