Developmental Disabilities Services

About CareOne

CareOne Group strives to maximize the quality of life for individuals in Nebraska living with developmental disabilities. By providing care in a secure and nurturing group home setting, our small, highly trained team devotes extraordinary attention to the individual needs of each resident. This absolute focus allows CareOne Group to prioritize not only each resident’s medical well-being, but their independence, happiness, and growth--propelling them toward a life of engagement and fulfillment.

The Vision

First and foremost, CareOne Group maintains a rigorous commitment to its residents--to their quality of life, to their sense of empowerment, and to maximizing their abilities and independence. Within our group homes, we incorporate customized programming alongside meaningful one-on-one relationships. This flexibility gives CareOne Group the power to manage each client’s health and daily personal ne

Delivering the highest possible quality of service requires CareOne Group to maintain clear, purposeful communication with family members and guardians.To that end, we pride ourselves on keeping clients’ families and legal representatives involved in continuing, evolving plans of care.

The Mission

CareOne Group promotes the health, safety, and well-being of both children and adults with mental health needs and/or developmental disabilities living within the community. But we are dedicated to more than maintaining the stability of day-to-day life. Our aim is to help all residents gain important real-world skills, knowledge, and experience in order to cultivate a lifetime of success and achievement.

Group Services

Person Centered Support

Every person, no matter their circumstances, has the right to rise to their unique potential. CareOne Group looks to spark that journey. Our team provides the support for clients to lead comfortable, independent lives, while also bridging the gap between their needs and their dreams and goals through tailored support.

With CareOne Group’s Person-Centered Support, the programming we provide is as unique as the individual it serves. Whether in support of an individual’s continuing education, continued employment, or even the acquisition of daily living skills within the home, CareOne Group builds its services to encourage what is important to the client and to the client’s family.

In Home Services and Extended Family Homes

CareOne Group offers In Home programming--community living support services that assist individuals with disabilities living within the community independently or with family. With In Home services, direct support staff from CareOne Group travel to the individual’s home and provide care and training as the client requires. As is the case with all CareOne Group services, this level of care can be modified to target specific, personalized areas of need.

Extended Family Homes

Alternatively, Extended Family Home services serve as an additional community-based living option. When a child or adult with disabilities requires housing placement, we can facilitate the selection of an “Extended Family”--a family contracted through CareOne Group to manage and oversee the individual’s specific housing needs.

Extended Families and client matches are decided on the basis of the client’s preferences and personalized requirements. The Extended Family is effectively giving the resident a new home--we take great care to ensure the family match gives the resident tremendous flexibility and meets their preferences.

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Residential Services

For individuals requiring housing accommodations, CareOne Group provides group homes in the form of houses and apartments throughout Omaha, Nebraska.

The individuals we serve face a range of physical and intellectual hardships. CareOne Group’s direct support staff provides specialized services tailored to ensure daily success within both the residential and community environment. These services vary based on a client’s unique needs and situation, but often include:

Management of daily living (diet, hygiene, laundry, household tasks, et al.)
Social skills training
Financial counseling
Behavioral management
Community inclusion
Inter alia

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