General FAQ

At CareOne Caregivers our Caregivers are licensed, qualified and experienced. Before hire all caregivers undergo intensive criminal and professional background checks. Above all we provide further training and caregivers should prove that they have a passion to help seniors live independently.
The patient should provide all supplies that make allows the caregiver to carry out their duties. This include items like gloves, cleaning materials documentation note books.
The Agency will try to pair you with the most suitable caregiver you. As a patient you have a choice of choosing a male or female caregiver. We are dedicated to finding the right caregiver for you, so we encourage you to let us know if we provided the right match for your needs. If you wish to change caregivers for any reason, do not hesitate to contact us.
We are here to provide added personal attention to seniors in any place they call home. This includes assisted living facilities and nursing homes and any other long term care facility.
Why choose Careone Caregivers for your home care needs over other Agencies.
We are locally owned.
24-hr service.
Highly trained, qualified, screened and experienced staff.
Cost Effective.
Free consultation.
Most of our patients get well and may even get back to independent living.

General FAQ on Payment

You will be billed every two weeks for services provided. CareOne Caregivers will then pay the caregivers at scheduled pay periods.
You should contact the office for rates. We provide cares to patients from as little as 1hr to as high as 24hrs. This means that we guarantee you a caregiver around the clock..
The primary role of the caregiver is to provide personal cares. However our caregivers will provide light housekeeping, laundry, dishes and meal preparation. Housekeeping should be light and directly related to the client.

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