Developmental Disabilities Info


Family Supported Services
(In Home Support)

Family Supported Services offers families the option of having services provided to an individual with developmental disabilities within the comfort of the family home or setting. CareOne Group specializes in hiring, training and providing highly qualified and professional staff to assist and support individuals within their home environment on a one-on-one capacity. Our habilitation programs are tailored to address very specific needs for each individual with the goal of developing and enhancing skills geared towards independence.


Extended Family Home Services (EFH)

Extended Family Home services provides “a home away from home” environment for individuals with developmental disabilities. CareOne Group staff contracts to provide services for an individual within the home of the staff. Thorough screening, training and monitoring by CareOne administration ensures top notch quality service by staff. This not only ensures round the clock service provision, but it also affords parents and guardians peace of mind knowing a loved one is being given the best care possible.


Community Inclusion

CareOne Group assists individuals with developmental disabilities learn skills that encourage the highest level of independence possible for the individual. A key factor to this growth is developing inter-personal relationships with other people in the community. Socialization and opportunities to promote community involvement are highly encouraged for individuals receiving services from CareOne Group. Community inclusion therefore provides a medium through which inter-personal relationships are formed and maintained. Community inclusion can exist as a service on its own or can be part of Family Supported Services as well as Extended Family Home Services under CareOne Group.



In need for transportation services to appointments, social events to foster community inclusion or even just for leisure and other needs? CareOne Group is licensed to provide transportation services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our qualified and efficient staff have valid drivers’ licenses along with valid vehicle insurance. Our staff also receive Defensive driving training to further ensure safety remains the paramount focus while they are behind the wheel every time.

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